Social Media Strategy Masterclass

Instagram Strategy Masterclass for Fashion Businesses

A 1 day in person interactive workshop where you will create your personalised Instagram Strategy for a successful and results driven Instagram platform.

Instagram has become such a powerful tool for the Fashion Industry; it has changed the way we shop, it has become one of the best discovery tools for fashion customers and it has made a place for small online fashion brands and stylists to make an impact within a competitive industry.

However, I know that many of you are still trying to find what works and haven’t quite nailed how to use Instagram to grow your business yet.

From my experience, I know that Instagram can leave you feeling:

  • Frustrated with the minefield of advice, tips and ‘magic formulas’ that promise to grow your followers but don’t actually have an effect on your business

  • Unclear of what you should and shouldn’t be doing because of the new updates and features each month

  • Panicked as you try and scramble together a post last minute because you have been struggling to think of content ideas

  • Disappointed that when you do post content, it doesn’t have the reaction you hoped for as people don’t engage or interact with it

  • Exhausted by the endless scrolling, liking, commenting and following without it having any impact on your growth and its taking up all your time

Okay, let’s just take a breather because I know EXACTLY what the problem is.

I am going to teach you and work with you to document a well defined strategy so you know exactly why, when, and how to use Instagram to build and grow your fashion business.

I want to keep this super exclusive so that I can give you the one to one attention you deserve.

I know it can be a big decision to invest in a course, so I guarantee you that you will get the return on investment and you will see the value instantly.

Here’s what you will learn from this super exclusive masterclass:

  • What a Social Media Strategy is and why you need one

  • A look into Instagram and how it’s changed the way we shop and what people look for when shopping for products and services on the gram

  • Identify how some of the top fashion brands are using Instagram and what we can learn from them to maximise your fashion business

  • Social Media trends of 2019 and what’s standing out for fashion businesses

  • Social Media goal setting and how to align objectives to your business goals so you can achieve the right results to push your business in the right direction

  • Why you need to know your audience and create at least 2 user persona’s (ideal target audience) with exactly the key information you need to know about them to generate the right content for them

  • My proven method for finding your target audience and how to engage them and attract them

  • Identify your tone of voice to resonate with your audience to evoke emotion so they turn from followers to loyal buying customers

  • Develop your own hashtag strategy to ensure you are strategically implementing the ones that will expand your content reach, amplify your brand and target those user persona’s

  • How to create a content brand mix so you know all the content topics and pillars for your brand and what your audience will engage with

  • How to get the right approach to creating, planning and managing content so you feel more in control of your time

  • Creating a Instagram Story Strategy including all the tools available within Instagram stories and how to use them to build high engagement content, how they will help you sell your fashion brand products and services, key storytelling tips and techniques and how you can apply them in Insta stories for tap worth content ideas

  • My workflow process that will show you how you can use Instagram with intention and build engagement with your audience and key influencers in just 20 minutes a day

  • My favourite tools and apps to help streamline your Instagram activity so you can work smarter, not harder

This masterclass is for fashion brands, designers and stylists who don’t want to waste any more time on Instagram. Who are seriously motivated in using this powerful tool to build and grow their business in a super intentional way.

I have been a Learning and Development Advisor within the Fashion Industry for over 6 years. Part of my role was to create strategies, developing and designing content plans for some of the biggest fashion brands in the UK. I know what it takes to create something that has meaning, that connects your business goals to your marketing and content objectives and how to make that deliver to grow your business. You will also be drawing on my extensive Social Media knowledge and skills.

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So you get all this, and then some…

  1. A full Instagram Strategy that is completed for your fashion business with real life actionable steps to creating a successful and results driven Instagram account

  2. Clear understanding of how to manage your Instagram with an intentional strategic mindset

  3. A delicious lunch, drinks all included in the price

  4. A 30 minute follow up consultation call to check progress and be given the opportunity to ask any further questions

  5. A private Facebook group with me and the group you have worked closely with on the day where I will be on hand to answer any further questions and offer exclusive Instagram support.

You will be my VIP for the day and beyond!

I am dedicated to teaching you the tools and tricks of the trade that can help you manage Instagram as efficiently as possible. I am all about finding balance when it comes to your Instagram Strategy.  I am NOT about following a system that is going to cause you to feel stressed or to burn out.

There are only 12 exclusive places available….

Tickets to this masterclass are £319 which includes:

Access to the full day interactive workshop

Expert workshop sessions and activities

Follow up support and a new fashion industry network

A delicious lunch and refreshments

Please note- there are 4 early bird tickets at £250. Tickets will be on a first come first served basis. once the early bird tickets have gone there will be only 8 spaces available.

You will be walking away with a deeper and more confident knowledge of Instagram and knowing how to use it to attract more customers and grow your business.

Are you ready to take back the control on growing an authentic following and creating a genuine engaged buying community?

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