Working in social media marketing requires a great deal of organisation and a huge amount of discipline.

We have to wear a lot of different hats to be able to serve our clients in the way they need. From being a content creator to a Marketing Guru. We need to have our fingers on the pulse in the fast-moving world of fashion and be a step ahead of everything that’s going on in the world of Social Media too. And not only do we manage client’s account, we are managing our own business platforms so we can keep the content marketing going! 

Right now, we don’t work in the same office, (that’s part of the game plan!) But we do need to communicate daily and collaborate on projects in real-time.

The whole nation has definitely pivoted over the pandemic to be able to work remotely but this is something we have been perfecting for a while now, and we’re not just talking Whats App voice notes here! So, we thought we would share with you our favourite social media management and organisational tools here at Style Up Social Academy that we literally couldn’t do our job without.


There are many scheduling tools out there and they all have different benefits.  we tried and tested most of them. We now use selected tools for each platform to ensure we get the best features fro each.

InstagramWe love Later for Instagram.  Later enables us to pull in the content for all of our clients and Style Up Social Academy all in one place. There are different access groups which we can set permissions for. This is great for clients to dip in and out, sign off content if needed and be in the loop with their content planning. 

If you are a small business managing your own Social’s this platform is has amazing features.  We love the link in bio, hashtag suggestions and the analytics. Our favourite part, however, is the visual preview of the grid, the best time saver ever! You can drag and drop to visualise and preview your feed.  Plus automatically schedule posts so you can hit publish and sit back and relax knowing your content is going out at the right time.    

Pinterest We would not be able to use Pinterest strategically and grow our client’s accounts if it wasn’t for Tailwind.  Well not as quickly and not as effectively that is.  Tailwind is an official partner of Pinterest and it helps us to schedule a week’s worth of Pinterest content in about 30 mins. You can schedule like a Pinterest pro with it’s intuitive features and again the analytics are super helpful to make better and informed decisions for your overall Pinterest strategy.  

FacebookWe are huge fans of Facebook Creator studio. A totally free element to Facebook that enables scheduling for Facebook, Instagram and IGTV. By using Creator studio we treat Facebook as a unique platform and utilising its benefits completely.  The best thing about it, it’s totally FREE! We do see many businesses use Instagram to cross promote to Facebook, which there is a place for this sometimes, having a Facebook scheduler means you again you can save more time and ensure you are maximising every opportunity Facebook offers to give you more sales and website traffic! 

If the thought of having separate schedulers is a little overwhelming, you can use Later for all your platforms. We just prefer having the best features for each one.  


Canva – Again there are lots of graphic design tools out there that we are also enjoy using time to time, but the point is you use a handful of tools to stop the procrastination and overwhelm. Canva is the most simple and intuitive of them all. We love the templates, the brand kits and the resize option. It means we can import all our assets for Style Up Social Academy and our clients in one place to create simple but inspirational graphics for Social and beyond. The thing we really like about Canva is that they are always evolving. New trends or current events are their thing! Zoom backgrounds and quiz templates were literally designed on day 2 of lockdown. Now, that’s impressive!

We design Pinterest graphics, blog headers, email headers, training, presentations, Instagram and Facebook posts, animation and more all with Canva.  We have folders set up for each client and project so we can quickly find what we need.  


Asana- All teams and even one man businesses needs a project management tool no matter how big or small and our go-to has always been Asana. If you are a sucker for lists and projects boards then this is for you. We have a master to do list board, client boards, weekly to-do, finance content inspiration and future projects. We also map out all our content planning in Asana so we can then take our posts and schedule. Asana has template projects so depending on what your project is for you should be able to find a template to suit you.  Tasks can be ordered in priority and assigned to each other, with notifications if needed. It means we are both on the same page, literally! If needed we can invite clients to contribute and share ideas. It’s definitely a Style Up Social Academy Hack!


Stock images are super handy for certain clients and sometimes for us too. Created content is the pinnacle for Social Media but there is definitely a need for high-quality stock images. Canva can be really useful for finding some unique images and so can Unsplash. But there is nothing worse than seeing a stock image overused on Social. With that in mind we have invested in a paid stock image subscription. Twenty 20. Not quite as expensive as Getty images but we love the unique, quirky shots that lend themselves really well to certain campaigns. This also works well if you don’t have Influencers/clients currently providing content for you, as you can use great stock images to fill content gaps.  Just make sure they are aligned to your tone of voice and visual identity. 


We are data geeks.  You have to have an element of loving the numbers when you work in Social Media.  You need to be aware of what is happening to know what is working and what is not.  What your audience loves and engages in, what drives the growth…. Depending on your Social Media goals you need to making the time to track results.  Test, measure, refine is a motto we love at Style Up Social Academy. 

Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest all have their own insights within their own platforms which are super informative.  We also use Tailwind’s and Later’s analytical tools to help us collate what we need.  But a forgotten tool is google analytics.  Each month we analyse where website traffic is coming from and more specifically what Social Media channels.  We also look at what those people do when they hit the website, which platforms drive the users that spend the longest time on the site and which channel seems to have high bounce rates.  All this information helps you to determine exactly how Social Media is working for your business.  

Most brands and businesses pour their heart and soul into Instagram but when we look at google analytics we often find other platforms are driving a higher quality audience to the website and with some more focus and nurturing this could have great results for them! 

and lastly…. 

Facebook Business Manager – Yep some people just don’t get it, and neither did we at first but it really is a tool we couldn’t do without. This is where everything is ‘housed’ for all of our clients when it comes to Facebook. As an agency it’s paramount that we use Business manager. We pull all of our client’s pages, Ad accounts, pixels and catalogues into here. The clients can see everything they need to still but we have access to everything we need all in one place. If we need data to pull into a report or stats on an Ad campaign we know exactly where to find what we need.

There is naturally some more. But these are the essentials that we need to manage the day to day and provide the best for our clients. What do you think, and more importantly what do you all use? We’d love to know!

We hope these either introduce you to new tools that will help you smash through those Social Media challenges or confirms you are using the best tools! If you need any help using any of these, please give us shout. 

You can also come follow us on Instagram and join our free facebook group where we help and empower fashion businesses daily with their Social Media and Content Marketing! 

Love Verity and Kate x ⚡️x