Paid Social Management Service

Fashion businesses are turning to Social media platforms to generate awareness, engagement and traffic so it’s no surprise that the number of brands using Paid Social Advertising to maximise their reach has also increased.

Unlike organic Social media, paid allows you to reach audiences not currently engaged with your brand and generate new followers, website traffic and sales that may otherwise have been missed.

A paid Social Strategy is not just about numbers and impressions. It is more about your audience and their social media journey. Through detailed targeting, and creative ads that really stop the scroll, you can discover and reach new and wider audiences that organic Social can’t.

Social Media is definitely the best place to be advertising, its powerful. 71% of adults can be reached by Facebook Ads alone. We scroll a lot, we watch stories even more. We click through to a website after being inspired on Social. Consumers now head to Social Media to get the information and inspiration they need on a product.

“What I really love is making a difference by educating and teaching our clients new things about their brand and their customers.
By being creative and inspiring with Ads, just as we are with organic social media we can really make an impact. By targeting the right audience and the right campaign objectives we can easily turn them into valuable conversions and nurture existing customers to remain loyal” Kate, Paid Specialist


We work closely with you to discover your business goals so we truly understand your business.  This helps us to identify what results we need and put the strategy in place to achieve them. We are a set of creatives and will look at testing that will get you the best results.  We believe in advertising that creates connections and building relationships and that is important in this digital world. That is what will make you stand out. 

Fees are dependent on scale, budget and the number of campaigns you wish to run a month. 

Book a call with us today so we can take you through everything you need to know to take your marketing efforts to the next level.