Do you want to learn how you can leverage influencer marketing to build brand awareness and grow sales for your fashion brand without the confusion and overwhelm? 

  • Maybe you have heard about the power of Instagram Influencer marketing but you have no idea how you can make it work for your own business? 

  • Have you been feeling like you are missing out on a massive marketing opportunity to grow your fashion brand and want to learn how you can get a piece of the action? 

  • Or have you assumed an influencer marketing strategy isn't something accessible to you?

  • Are you unsure how to go about even finding an influencer for your brand let alone trying to reach out and negotiate a deal?

Well, don’t worry because I have had many conversations with other fashion brands that feel exactly the same!

That is why I have created this FREE 3 day course to help you not only learn how to build the foundations of an Influencer strategy, but also to give you hands on practical tips on how to find and reach out to your dream Influencer in the most effective way so you can start to utilise the power of influencer marketing for your brand right away!

80% of brands have employed some kind of Influencer marketing strategy, some more successful than others. There are certain aspects you need in place and relationships need to be built so you have a partnership that gets the results. And I will be going through how you can do this so you can nail first time!

Over the last year I have worked with many brands to identify their influencer goals and helped them to choose the right influencer who aligns with their brand values. And I have negotiated partnerships that have resulted in amazing results in brand awareness, grown follower numbers and more importantly converted to direct sales.  

I started Style Up Social Academy so I could help fashion businesses like yours grow and thrive in the online space.  I know it is easy for you to feel overwhelmed and frustrated by all the updates, algorithms and online trends so my mission is to provide up to date, strategic and intentional advice to take away all that confusion.  So you can stop wasting time on the strategies that don’t drive you forward and implement the key actions that delivers engagement, growth and conversion.

I am passionate about empowering your business with only the social media and digital content strategies that work for the fashion industry.  Meaning you only get the bespoke advice and support that you need to create a real impact for your fashion brand!

This 3 day course starts on the 19th August inside a private Facebook group where I will be teaching you the key elements you need in place to nail your Influencer strategy so you can maximise this powerful marketing trend specifically for your own fashion brand.

You will learn: 

  • How your fashion brand can use Influencer marketing and discover the results you can gain from maximising your influencer strategy 

  • How to effectively find the right influencers to help grow your brand 

  • The best ways to engage your chosen influencers to ensure you build a trusting relationship and partnership

  • 3 key ways to reach out to your desired influencers and create solid partnerships that get results for your growing business

Are you ready to learn about this key strategy and start to use the power of Influencer Marketing for promoting your brand and products?

Incorporating Instagram into your marketing strategy can provide incredible opportunities for your business. If you want to leverage your content, reach new and engaged audiences and drive more sales, then using Influencers is THE best way to do this….

I am looking forward to seeing you inside the group!

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