Setting some time aside each month to keep on top of what’s working and what’s not is essential for any successful business. It doesn’t need to be boring or take a long time. It is empowering and helps identify many opportunities. With the second HALF of the year fast approaching, now is the time to take some control on what is happening on Instagram. Learn how you can take advantage of the data to grow your Fashion Instagram.  

Has Instagram performed the way you hoped and helped you grow your business? No idea? 

Without your Instagram Insights you are blind to knowing if your efforts are having an impact on your business objectives, what has worked, what hasn’t and what engages your audience the most.  You have no real indication of how to keep growing your business through Instagram. 

  • Have you ever looked at your insights and got confused by the information as you don’t know what you should be looking at and what it means for you? 

  • Do you base your Insta success on how many likes a photo gets and how many followers you have? 

  • You have no idea how Instagram metrics can work together with your overall business objectives?

  • Ever wish you could have more insight on your audience, what content engages them the most and what impact your Instagram efforts are really having? 

I know that getting more likes on an image than the one before can be quite thrilling. Makes you feel you are making progress right? Then your next one bombs and you are left feeling deflated again. That is exactly what I was like before I trained in Social Media. Before I knew the metrics that really counted towards growing a business online.

The biggest thing I have learnt working in Social Media is that to know what works for you, you have to try, review and improve. 

Using your Instagram Insights takes care of the reviewing stage for you. The metrics show you what works and what hasn’t. 

As a Social Media manager I work with fashion brands at all different stages in their Instagram journeys.  Which means they all have different goals and objectives of what they need to achieve to grow their business and so they all have different metrics that tell them if they are progressing.  

In this group online workshop I will be teaching you:

  • The power of Instagram insights and how they empower your business so that you can take back control of your marketing efforts on this platform

  • How to set Instagram goals that align with your business goals so you can ensure your Instagram efforts are having an impact on your bottom line 

  • The ONLY metrics you need to know to keep improving your Instagram efforts

  • How to keep track of your results so you can identify the key trends that help your business grow

Join me for an hour and let me show you how you can use insights quickly and easily to fine tune your Instagram efforts, learn what they mean and maximise your online fashion business.