Instagram VS Pinterest… How to leverage them to enhance your Fashion Business

It’s a conversation I have with many fashion businesses. Should I be using Pinterest and how can I make it work alongside my Instagram. A lot of our focus goes into Instagram and we are becoming more and more heavily consumed in it and rely on it too much. But as Fashion Businesses Pinterest can play such an important role in marketing your brand in a completely and amazing different way.

How to use Pinterest to grow your Website and Instagram Traffic

You may have realised by now that I am incredibly passionate about using Pinterest for fashion businesses. It’s honestly one of the biggest game changers when it comes to driving free traffic to your website and Instagram accounts. With a great Pinterest strategy you can drive authentic and organic traffic directly to your site!

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3 reasons Fashion Brands should be using Pinterest

Pinterest is growing fast and constantly changing. Some brands are catching on, others are still yet to understand what this platform can do to drive their business. Here’s why you, a fashion brand, should be using Pinterest to grow your traffic.

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