my story

I’ve worked in the fashion retail industry for over 15 years, six of which were spent as a CIPD Learning and Development professional, where i devised strategies and created content for many different fashion brands. For the last few years I’ve been training in Social Media Management and after I was made redundant, I decided to take my leap from the corporate world after being made redundant.

My ambition and drive has propelled me forward to create Style Up Social Academy, so I can help a small fashion brands, bloggers or stylists-people like you! I want you to find your way with your social media, have a purpose and create engaging and compelling content that really speaks to your audience. But more than anything, to empower you to take control and ease you through the complex world of social media and marketing.

who am i?

I am a creative with a specialist skill set. I look for innovative and original ways to do things, but I am equally analytic making sure that all ideas have a clear goal and objective. By working with me, you will get to pull on my 15 years of fashion retail experience, my creative ideas, my extensive digital skills, my knowledge of setting goals and KPI’s so that we can see exactly how and why your brand is moving forward.   

If you are a fashion brand, blogger or stylist and want to find out more about my services then I urge you to not sit back and watch the competition move forward but join them, surpass them. First step: check out my services second step get in touch. Don’t forgot to check out my free resources and blog for extra hints and tips.  

Style Up Social Academy!

Welcome. I’m Verity, the founder of Style Up Social Academy.

My aim is to give you the tools to drive your brand through innovative strategy development, creative content and how to maximise your Instagram and Pinterest to drive growth and business.