One of the biggest frustrations I have when it comes to content is seeing brands create well thought out content and post about it once on Social Media, for it then to get lost in the content abyss of the world wide web. 

A big part of my content strategies when working with fashion brands and stylists is helping them to maximise content by repurposing and recycling.  

Social Media and Digital Marketing feeds off content.  I see far too many businesses get themselves into a state of content creation frenzy because of the pressure this creates.  We worry we need fresh content daily to entertain, engage and convert our audiences and the fact is we simply don’t have the man power to create new content at this level.  Not only that, but we don’t need too.  

For me, it is all about getting creative and squeezing the life out of every bit of content you create.  It still means you can engage your audience but it’s just about getting as much mileage as possible from every thing you create.  This is the year you should learn to make your content work for you and take the pressure off just a little bit! 

A new motto for 2020… Create less and promote more!

So to help you do this, I am sharing 8 creative ways you can repurpose your content.  Let’s dive in.

  1. Maximise blog content. Blog content goes a long way.  I get asked a lot if I think brands and stylists should create blog content and my answer is always yes. Not only is it content you own on your own website and sets you up as an expert, but it can be turned into various formats and used in different ways across different channels to really maximise the content and get longevity.  For example, one blog post is 5 Instagram captions, it’s 3 Facebook posts, it’s a Linkedin article and post, its a feature on Instagram stories, it can be turned into an IGTV or youtube video, it’s an email to your audience, it’s a micro blog that you can use for your socials and you can also turn it into audio content.  
  2. Turn your Video or audio content into blogs.  Are you more a video lover than a blog writer? Do you prefer to record voice notes than write your notes and thoughts? No worries. You can still leverage your video and audio content by getting them transcribed into blog posts.  There is some incredible software out there that will help the non writers out there so you can still have that content sitting on your website as blogs! Check out rev that will help you do this. 
  3. Turn a series of blog post topics into an e-book or IGTV series.  If you have content that covers one particular topic this is a great way to leverage this content by turning it into an IGTV series.  Create little snippets from this content and maximise this fantastic feature from Instagram by engaging your audience with a weekly video series.  Or take a handful of blogs covering the same topic and create an e-book.  The great thing about an e-book is that you can then use it as a lead magnet and capture email addresses for your growing email list, or you can use it as a way to gain some passive income.  If you know your audience needs help in this particular topic, bundle it all into a useful e-book guide and sell it on your website. 
  • Create quotes from Instagram posts and blogs.  How often do you go back through your existing Instagram or blog content? I bet you have some incredibly useful and engaging content already sitting there ready to be used in a different way.  Turn existing Social Media and blog posts into short succinct quotes and create branded graphics for them.   Quotes make for great shareable and saveable content especially if they resonate with your audience so go back through your hundreds of Instagram posts and see what little gems and one liners you can pull out from your captions.  Look back through blog posts and do exactly the same!
  • Every bit of content is a Pin.  Make sure for all your blogs and videos you are creating shareable pin graphics.  One blog post for example is a minimum of 5 pin graphics.  All your instagram posts should be shared across to this platform especially those branded quotes you are creating.  
  • Turn Instagram posts into an email series.  Turn a collection of Instagram posts that you have shared over time on the same topic and create an email series.  I can guarantee that packaging them up in a new way like this, will breathe new life into the content and it will still be seen as fresh and useful content for your audience.  
  • All your content into a podcast.  Podcasts are huge especially for 2020.  The rise of audio content is defiantly in full swing and so if you are thinking about starting one then you already have enough content to get started.  If you are not thinking of starting one then consider pitching a topic from your existing content to another podcast host and gain exposure that way! 
  • Create an FAQ page from your FAQ questions from your customers and clients.  What does your audience ask you about the most? Do you find your audience ask similar questions about your products or services? If so, create a FAQ page for your website, turn into a blog post and also create a FAQ Instagram feature and leave it in your highlights! 

Remember, in 2020 create less and promote more and I hope these 8 creative ways to repurpose content has inspired you to maximise and leverage all your content going forward. 

Don’t forget to drop me a comment below and let me know your thoughts or if you have any content marketing questions leave them below. 

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Love Verity x ⚡️