The landscape of Social Media has changed significantly over the years.  Think back to the time that the initial purpose of social media was for users to connect with their family, peers and create personal communities online.
Social Media has become the backbone of an impactful marketing strategy. With some brands allocating 75% of their overall marketing budgets to Social Media Marketing alone, never before have brands increasingly relied on online platforms to reach consumers and generate sales.
Consumers are now so accessible, which presents brands with a powerful opportunity to capture new audiences and accelerate brand growth.

However, with this movement Social Media has become a noisy place.  More than ever do brands need to find new ways to cut through the noise.

We have developed a winning framework that capitalises Fashion businesses opportunities online.  We equip our brands with many tactics to maximise growth, but combined with these 4 pillars it ensures they are driving sales through a well rounded Social Media strategy! 


Online communities have seen a significant growth over the last few years, and have particularly peeked in 2020. If you don’t have much of a community yet for your Fashion Business, we bet you part of one.  

Creating a community around your brand and engaging with it can amplify your visibility and give your business a boost.

Building a community will help you:

  • Gain followers

  • Retain followers

  • Build brand loyalty

  • Convert followers to purchase

In 2020, we have also seen brands turn to super niche communities to help stand out further, but more importantly get closer to their audience.  That way their community connects with their brand beyond a transaction.  The brands that show up and are there for their communities through thick and thin are the ones that will see long-term growth in return.

Here are some ways you can help make an impact on your community building efforts:

• Have an opinion and share what your brand cares about.

• Educate your community with long-form content through IGTV and Instagram Stories.

• Offer a closer glimpse into your team, your products, your services and how you bring the brand to life with behind-the-scenes content.


Nothing new here when we talk about creating compelling content.  Content marketing lies in the heart of everything you do through Social Media.  

Over the last few years it has become increasingly important that you find ways to stop your audience mid scroll.  

Understanding what styles of visuals your followers care about is critical to improving engagement over time and maintaining an engaged community.  


Using Infleuncers to leverage your brand awareness and visability is no secret.  Yet still so many small fashion brands feel it’s either out their reach or that it doesn’t work.

Working with influencers is one of the key ways and one of the most effective ways to gain new customers.

Social media has pushed traditional forms of advertising out of the limelight, and brands need to be both transparent and human to succeed. Influencer partnerships have continued to be an essential part of successful brands’ marketing strategies to stay relevant and reach new audiences.

We have seen powerful results from infleuncer campaigns that we have created, and the difference between a successful partnership and a massive flop, is finding the right people who stand by what you do. 

Influencers who associate with brands they truly believe in tend to have highly engaged, niche audiences who trust their opinion—and that translates into sales.

Did you know that 92% of brands who invest in influencers on Pinterest see success! Maybe it’s time to rethink your infleuncer marketing game plan? 


Running paid social ads will undoubtedly help increase sales, as long as it’s done properly. This is an opportunity for small fashion businesses to expand their reach through paid social advertising. 

As a consumer yourself you will know what it takes for you to take action on an ad. That is why creating a customer experience through a clever and well thought campaign key for sales growth.

For many years it has believed that it takes on average 7 times for us to see an ad before we are consumed by it.  Social media advertising makes it easier to put this concept into action, enabling brands to have multiple touchpoints with the same audience.

And when we say it needs to be done right,  you need to consider; your visuals need to be powerful, you need to choose the right channels for the messaging and you need to target your audience wisely.

So, there you have it.  An introduction into fashion framework for making sales with Social Media.  We will be deep diving into all this framework during our Social Media Fashion Academy.  Make sure you get on the waiting list to nail your Social Media Marketing in 2020.

Verity and Kate x